Why is Guam Ocean Park popular?

  • The best privete beach

    You can enjoy a relaxing time unique to a private beach, such as snorkeling and kayaking.

    The beach is shallow and the waves are calm, so even small children and the elderly can enjoy it safely and with peace of mind.

  • Reliable pricing

    "One day passport" is our standardized plan at Guam Ocean Park to offer popular activities for you to enjoy at a fixed price.

    We aim to provide services that are more satisfying than the price, without limiting the use of private beaches and the items that can be rented.

  • Activities only here

    Guam Ocean Park offers a wide range of marine sports, as well as unique activities only available here.

    No matter what activity you participate in, you'll get free access to beach fun items such as floats, hammocks, canoes, snorkeling masks and marine boots.

  • Same-day reservations are also welcome!

    Even if you want to apply after checking the weather and physical condition of the day, please contact us via the web or phone and we will check the availability immediately.

    You can also add activities locally on the day, so please feel free to ask the staff at any time.